IRP Interior Designer

Why an Interior Designer?

Integrated Renovation Projects specialises in delivering creative practical interiors. Our focus is to meet each client’s individual needs, personality and preferences regardless of the scale of your design scope to establish a creative vision that reflects who you are.

We pride ourselves in putting thought and consideration into the furnishings otherwise the home interior design or commercial office interiors won’t shine. We transform the areas with carefully selected fixtures, furniture and accessories that will be both beautiful and practical to meet your requirements.

With extensive industry experience, a constantly updated knowledge base and our passion for interior design, our design projects are always well informed.

We have 3 main focus areas of interior design:

The decision making process for selecting finishes can greatly vary in scope depending on the size of your project, whether it be building, renovating or merely redecorating. It can often be overwhelming. This is where we come in. We assist with your selection of all fittings and finishes, both interior and exterior, ranging from the colours to use, to flooring, to kitchen and bathroom finishes, to plumbing and lighting fittings, and much much more. We know what is available, what works and what does not work, therefore not overwhelming our clients with too many choices.

We liaise with the other consultants/contractors on site to ensure all suggestions we make on specific finishes and fittings work with the overall design from a construction perspective as well as still remaining aesthetically pleasing before we propose them to our client. The technical aspect is just as important as the interior design to the overall success of the project.

Every interior design project is a team effort. We offer affordable interior design in both residential interior design and commercial office interior design.

Interior Designer

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We offer Interior Design Services in the following areas in the Upper Highway and surrounds: Kloof, Hillcrest, Assagay, Botha's Hill, Forest Hills, Gillitts, Waterfall, Winston Park, Shongweni, Pinetown and Westville

How we work?

After our consultation, we will get in touch, either face to face or telephonically depending on the service required to finalise the proposal, scope and costs involved. We pride ourselves in being transparent with all costs so that you will not be surprised by any hidden costs later on in the project.

Quality Assurance

When the majority of any renovation / construction work is done, our Project Manager will perform a thorough quality check with the client to create a snag-list on any work still to be completed or not to the client's satisfaction. Our workmanship is guaranteed!!!

Construction Work

Our Project Manager will faciliate any communication between the client, workers and any additional contractors involved. We will also try to minimize any disruption to your life during the project.

Our other services include: