Bathroom Interior Design

Redoing your bathroom is always exciting. Having an aesthetically pleasing, functional bathroom both improves your lifestyle and enhances the value of your property. Integrated Renovation Projects offers the complete bathroom interior design package from start to finish. Whether you are wanting a traditional bathroom, unique bathroom or a modern bathroom, our interior designer offers personalised and professional design. Our goal is for our clients to get the bathroom they want.

Why should I hire an Interior Designer?

Bathrooms require detailed design consideration and space planning to be efficient workspaces. Imagine a poorly lit bathroom and trying to find something in your below the basin bathroom cabinet…keep a torch handy. Or your basin covered with water from your shower or even worse from remnants of water spraying out your toilet every time you flush. A bathroom renovation is not something you do regularly, it is a long term investment, therefore hiring an interior designer would give you peace of mind to avoid such discomforts.

An interior designer has an eye for aesthetics and a practical approach to layout and design which helps create a well-planned space that suits both your requirements and personal preferences. Interior designers have vast knowledge of product trends, materials and finishes. They will take the stress out of deciding which bathroom hardware and accessories to source and where to source them from.

Interior designers translate architectural plans from page to reality, as well as specialising in altering the structure of an existing bathroom or building one from scratch. When renovating a bathroom there is also the challenge of dealing with the legacy of the previous builders which can complicate the initial plans; interior designers have the expertise to deal with such challenges.

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What to consider when determining your bathroom layout?

Bathrooms are often tricky to layout as they are frequently lacking in space. If you find that your family mainly shower, consider not including a bath and use the space for storage in the form of a bathroom cabinet; you can never have enough storage. When deciding on whether to have a bath fitted or not, one must consider how long you plan on staying in your house and how it will impact on future buyers. A bath and shower combo is the best of both worlds.

If you have a large family and only one bathroom, you may consider not having the basin directly in front of the toilet and shower with little space to move around. What is practical for your family will most likely also be practical for future buyers.

When deciding where to position the toilet in relation to the shower, ensure there is enough space between the two to avoid water everywhere if you are not installing shower doors, or install a floor-to-ceiling glass screen to create a barrier. Toilets should never be the focal point when designing a bathroom, rather highlight other features such as the bath or bathroom cabinet and positioning them where a person’s eye is mostly likely to be drawn to first.

Storage Space Ideas for the Bathroom

Storage space for toiletries, towels, etc. is always in demand in any household. Think of ways to add more storage space. Successful bathroom design projects often feature double or over-sized bathroom cabinets as well as wall mounted mirrored medicine cabinets.

Organization is key. Within your cabinets incorporate drawer organisers and containers to store smaller items in an orderly manner.

Decorating your bathroom

No remodel is complete without the bathroom décor. Décor in terms of the bathroom relates to fixtures such as toilet roll holders, towel rails, soap dispensers, etc. It is important that these reflect the look you are trying to achieve as well as match one another to finish off a well-designed bathroom. If you are fortunate enough to have the extra space, flowers, candles or art work can also add a good touch to your bathroom.

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How we work?

After our consultation, we will get in touch, either face to face or telephonically depending on the service required to finalise the proposal, scope and costs involved. We pride ourselves in being transparent with all costs so that you will not be surprised by any hidden costs later on in the project.

Quality Assurance

When the majority of any renovation / construction work is done, our Project Manager will perform a thorough quality check with the client to create a snag-list on any work still to be completed or not to the client's satisfaction. Our workmanship is guaranteed!!!

Construction Work

Our Project Manager will faciliate any communication between the client, workers and any additional contractors involved. We will also try to minimize any disruption to your life during the project.

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